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My approach to bodymind therapy combines various sources of knowledge and inspiration. The goal is to allow you to:


  • Discover forgotten, neglected or hidden aspects of your self,

  • Lose automatic habits which alter or reduce your abilities.


This procedure is for people who:


  • Want to feel better, find a true balance (physical, emotional, mental, in their relationships…) or know themselves better

  • Have physical difficulties (pain, tension, fatigue…),

  • Face problems they are unable to resolve,

  • Want to enter a new stage in life without really knowing how to get there.


Using targeted questions, my own observations and analyzing the feet as a mirror of the human body, I work with you to find the nature of the problem. I find links between sensations, emotions, thoughts, blockages and the corresponding body zones.  Then we both look at what you could and need to change or learn so the issue no longer affects your well-being.

The body knows how to find its natural balance. When problems don’t go away, it means our body is trying to reach its balance without getting there. The result can be concrete symptoms, discomfort or even the feeling of running in a circle or being trapped.


The body speaks to us in a language which isn’t necessarily verbal. In my work I’ve learned to listen to the body and enter into a dialog. Touch, breathing and attention bring out visible or hardly noticeable movements. This experience allows the body to feel something else than pain or present blockages, allowing it to recover its balance and energy. 

Of course I also include your thoughts and consciousness in my work. In the end, our well-being depends on how these different layers communicate and work together. We need to reunite “body and mind,” our “spirit and being” on a healthy and wholesome basis.

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