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As long as we have confidence, we hardly speak of it. It becomes a subject only when lacking.  This lack of confidence may be linked to skills or self-image. Most often it is connected to fears and beliefs:

  • Confidence in what I do: Not being capable, not succeeding, not doing well enough…

  • Confidence in who I am: Not being a good person, not deserving (to be loved, for example), not daring to take your place…

Each fear, each belief is inscribed more or less deeply within us. Bodywork lets us liberate ourselves from these burdens. This liberation can express itself in physical experiences during sessions, where confidence becomes a way of being, and continues in our daily lives by acts of self-affirmation.

Improving one of these two aspects of confidence also nourishes the other. For example, experiencing repeated success helps you feel and believe that you don’t give up easily. Similarly, experiencing yourself as “being patient” gives you confidence to begin tasks that take time.

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