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Emotions are part of our body language. They constitute our internal treasure, like a large palette of colors or scale of sounds, which blend and interact.

We are capable of all emotions. Sometimes, however, we are more habituated to certain emotions, while some stay unknown or even taboo. For example in case of injustice, I may easily feel sad and powerless, while rage stays hidden, or vice versa.



Anger allows us to turn fear into courage.



Easier access to our emotions lets us discover new facets of ourselves. This discovery enables us and opens numerous possibilities in our daily lives and relationships. For example, once I’m able to manage my fear and guilt for disappointing others, I can say “no” more easily and uphold my own decisions.

Throughout our life, our body collects emotions which we couldn’t fully live out or express. Becoming more aware of ourselves also means recognizing and integrating these old emotions to relieve us of our past. It also means restoring calm when we feel agitated.

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