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These activities take place with groups of 5 to 15 people. Whatever the frequency (weekly, monthly or occasional), whatever the duration (one hour, one day, a weekend or even in the form of a residential internship of 3 to 5 days), it is always a question ofa moment of sharing, exchange and enrichment around a common subject.


I create the content of the activity and integrate it with a combination of theoretical information and physical and sensory exercises that allow participants to learn and embody the elements on a mental level, and especially on a bodily and emotional level.


The themes around which I animated and I animate groups :


  • Getting to know your physical base : being grounded and centered

  • Taming your emotions

  • 50 years and over : making peace with yourself and opening up to a new future

  • Mental preparation in athletes

  • Racism and discrimination : developing and strengthening self-determination



If my approach to bodywork speaks to you,

If you are a group,

If you make a connection between your idea and my work


Contact me !

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