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My approach for dealing with pain accepts that it’s part of life. Growing, learning, loving, daring, failing, succeeding, aging, etc. – sometimes these things just hurt.

We don’t need to fight pain. We can use it to drive change. Only pain lets us face limits or imbalances, but without it we may lack the motivation or energy to really dare change.

Pain hurts.  It’s a feeling everyone feels at different levels: physical, emotional, mental or in our soul.


I use speech and touch to help you engage your sorrows and accept them. We use breathing to deal with buried pain so it can dissolve, integrate into the body and transform, so you can feel peace, a benevolent acceptance, strength, inner calm, clarity, softness, energy or even joie de vivre.

Daring to go through the pain – as caused by disappointment, for example – helps us open up again and be there for ourselves and for others.

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