My personal development approach is based on uniting our minds and bodies to work together by:


  • Connecting our beliefs and fixed ways of thinking to our physical sensations and emotions

  • Linking the body to the mind where patients feel pain, general discomfort or a persistent emotional state without being able to find out what’s going on.

This approach allows patients to describe a physical experience and link it to specific life events. This often leads to realizations that foster an existing desire to change.

Personal development involves the will or the need for internal change. My main tools are attentiveness, breathing, speech, touch and movement to accompany patients towards change in individual sessions. To effect change, you need to achieve a higher-than-usual level of intensity so you can “melt away” and break old habits and thereby allow something new to exist and take place.

Like in every transition phase between what was and what will be, there is a certain period of discomfort. But your internal mobilization – your body and mind working together – makes these uncomfortable moments easier to overcome.



On the way to personal development, we know where we start, but we never know exactly when or where we will arrive.

Unity between body and mind helps us stay motivated and follow the path to change, independent of any fixed goal.