We are more or less conscious of all our routines, habitual mannerisms, ways of acting, thinking and feeling. These automatisms keep us following the beaten path, and even if we aren’t comfortable anymore, our lives have become narrow and we want to change, we just don’t know how to get off.



   What’s better than catching yourself doing something unexpected when daring to take a new path?” 



I work with your starting assessment so you can become aware of routines and mannerisms on the various levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental) to clearly identify the elements to work on: free a locked emotion, release muscular tension, transform a belief…

Recognizing that we don’t know everything is fundamental and permits us to leave trodden tracks and open up for the unknown. During a session, you will feel a susceptibility to new sensations, such as punctual relaxation or an unusual intensity, a state of being where you don’t fully recognize yourself.

Personal liberty is when our choices based on our inherent properties – such as our dreams and needs – improve and evolve, until we leave our old habits behind.