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I was born in Lausanne in 1968, where I spent the first part of my life. After many years in Berlin and Paris, I currently live in Geneva, Switzerland.


I’m an intense and authentic person, which makes me very passionate. If a subject captures me, I love to delve into it and take my time, even if it takes years. As a child, I was able to extensively practice music and competitive swimming. Starting at 18, I trained as a physiotherapist, which allowed me to realize another passion: Working with people and the human body. Later, as a body therapist, I discovered my passion for understanding individuals as a whole, within their physical and emotional environment, their ways of thinking, acting and relating to others, their vision of life, even their brighter and darker sides.

“Intensity” defines me as a person, it’s like a brand. So I’m always searching for authenticity, honesty and consistency between my thoughts, words, deeds and heart. I yearn for a level of depth that best lets me realize my values and apply them in my daily life in general and in my work in particular.


Traveling and meeting other linguistic and cultural environments are crucial to expanding my view of the world and maintaining an open mind. This curiosity and need for diversity drove me to work in various European countries, including Berlin, Paris and Vienna. Nowadays my regular activity is in Fribourg and Geneva, Switzerland.


Even if what happens around us provides many reasons to lose hope and live in fear, my main motivation is to make life better. 



My philosophy is based on optimism and hope. 
Even if what happens around us provides many reasons to lose hope and live in fear, my main motivation is to make life better. To me a day without doing something good, useful or pleasant for others or for myself is a day lost. Our time on this earth is only limited…


I draw from this hope to pursue the two great themes of my life: The body and human relationships. I didn’t choose them, they chose me! They define who I am.


In my work, I want to apply and share the values that characterize me, such as:


  • Courage, which means to me: daring to explore difficult areas, where I don’t feel comfortable, and yet persisting

  • Constructive self-reflection, nourished by my curiosity and my need for honesty to keep constantly evolving

  • Sharing important subjects in authentic exchanges that leave everyone richer

  • Gentleness and patience for self-care


Very early, as a teenager, I had the chance to join the Swiss swimming team at the Olympics. It allowed me to experience the meaning of diversity of people, cultures, languages, anatomies. My Olympic motto became: “Living together is what matters.”


 As a young student of physiotherapy, during internships in a hospital setting, I faced suffering at various levels. It touched me deeply. Without being fully conscious then, I decided that I would use the means I had to reduce both the physical and the human suffering. This “decision” remains and motivates me to this day.


Later, as a body therapist – it’s been twenty years now – I understood that the body has its own language beyond words. With my presence, my attention, my touch, I developed a way to communicate with the body through the various levels I perceived (physical, mental, emotional or beyond the body).

Then, to improve and complete my knowledge on bodywork, I have started a training in "Somatic Experiencing®" that will last until the end of 2023.

This approach aims at working on trauma, a topic which I have unfortunately often encountered when working with my clients and that needs specific tools to be addressed. 

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