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As a woman of African descent, I am personally affected by racism and discrimination, which results in traumas that influence greatly our personalities, how we enter relationships how we act and express ourselves.

It is important for me to offer in my work a safe and kind space, where people experiencing racism and discrimination can process the resulting consequences on their everyday life, their health or their development. This coaching can be done individually or/and in group seminars.


    Letting the spirit of others into our life gives us additional eyes to see and allows us to overcome our limitations.

Sobonfu Somé      

More broadly, I aim to contribute different ways for each person to:

  • Benefit from diversity more than they fear difference

  • Become aware of the internal racism we each carry, regardless of origin, transmitted through the centuries and still conditioning us

  • Open up to new ways of thinking or seeing their relationship to the other 

  • Discover the humanity within us

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