Racism and discrimination affect me very personally. This trauma has great influence on our personalities, our ways of acting and expressing ourselves.

In my work, I aim to offer a safe and affirmative space for sharing, where people with these experiences can process the effects of racism and discrimination on their everyday life, health or development. This coaching can be individual or in the form of group seminars.



    Letting the spirit of others into our life gives us additional eyes to see and allows us to overcome our limitations.

Sobonfu Somé      


More broadly, I aim to contribute different ways for each person to:

  • Benefit from diversity more than they fear difference

  • Open up to new ways of thinking or seeing “the Other” than those reproduced for centuries, which still influence us subconsciously

  • Regain a certain clarity which allows them to see their relationship to “the Other” in a new light day by day