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As an Afro-descendant woman, the subject of racism and discrimination concerns me personally and is particularly close to my heart. It represents a trauma that has a great influence on our personality, our ways to be  in relation, to act and to express ourselves.

As part of my work, it is important to me to offera safe and caring spacewhere those directly affected have the opportunity to work on the consequences of racism and discrimination in their daily life, their health or even their development.

This support can be done individually or/and in the form of a group seminar.


     Bringing other people's minds into our lives gives us more eyes to see and allows us to push beyond our limits

Sobonfu Some      

More broadly, I would like to contribute in different ways to what each person:

  • Be enriched by diversity rather than fearing difference

  • raises awareness of this internalized part of racism in each of us, whatever our origin, which has been transmitted for centuries and which still conditions us today

  • Open to new ways of thinking or seeing the relationship to others

  • Discover the part of humanity in oneself

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