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My approach to psycho-corporal therapy consists of combining different sources of knowledge and inspiration. Its purpose is to enable the person to:


  • discover forgotten, overlooked or unrevealed aspects of herself,

  • get out of automatic behaviors that alter and diminish some of their abilities.


This process is for people who :


  • want to get better, find a real balance (physical, emotional, psychic, relational, …) or even better know themselves,

  • have physical difficulty (pain, tension, fatigue, etc.),

  • find themselves faced with a problem that they cannot solve,

  • want to take a new step in their life without really knowing how to go about it.


Using targeted questions, my observation and an analysis of the feet as a representation of the human body,I examine with the person the nature of the problem by establishing links between sensations, emotions, thoughts, blockages and the areas of the body that correspond to them.Then we look together at what is necessary and useful to change or learn so that the difficulty is no longer an obstacle to his well-being.

The body has the natural ability to rebalance itself.In the case of a difficulty that persists, he tries to regain his balance without succeeding and this can manifest itself in concrete symptoms, discomfort or even a feeling of going in circles or of being at an impasse.


The body speaks to us with its language which does not necessarily go through the words !Through my practice, I have learned to listen to the body and enter into dialogue and resonance with it.Touch, breathing, attention will promote visible or barely perceptible movements. This experience allows the body to live something other than the pain or the blockage present and by the same to find its balance and its vivacity.

Thought and consciousness are obviously not excluded from the scope of my work. Indeed, well-being also depends on how our different levels communicate and cooperate with each other. It is essentially aboutreunite " the head and the body ", " the mind and the physical_cc781905-55bad-3518" in a healthy and beneficial complementarity.

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