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Since the beginning of my professional practice, I have met people who have experienced events with traumatic consequences. This dimension of their problem,the suffering caused, physical and psychological, have always touched me deeply, even if it took me many years before I had some keys to better understand and accompany them.


   Trauma is a fact of life, but it doesn't have to be a life sentence

peter levine      

In the words of Dr. Peter A. Levine who has developed in recent decades   a trauma-specific working method, Somatic Experiencing ®, trauma is the most ignored source of human suffering, avoided, misunderstood and untreated.

In a simple way, trauma can be defined as the consequence of events (accident, miscellaneous abuse, threat, danger, racism, fall, operation,....) during which the autonomic nervous system has been overwhelmed and where the reactions of flight or fight were unsuccessful. There remains only the reflex of stupefaction, where the person finds himself frozen, blocked. It is the consequences of these blockages that constitute the trauma and which can manifest themselves in the form of various symptoms, some visible (physical injuries, anxieties, etc.) and others less obvious (loss of confidence, pains and unexplained fears, fatigue, addiction, etc.).

The key point is that the trauma happens in the body and that is where its resolution is.

In order to enrich and complete my knowledge of body work, I have undertaken training in Somatic Experiencing ®, training which will end at the end of 2023.

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