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These activities involve groups of 5 to 15 people. However regular (weekly, monthly or occasional) or long (one hour, one day, one weekend or even as an in-house training of 3 to 5 days) we always share, exchange and enrich each other around a common subject.


I develop the activities based on a combination of theory as well as physical and sensory experiences, so participants can internalize the elements on a mental and especially on a physical and emotional level.


These are issues I have been using to guide groups:


  • Get to know your physical self: be anchored and centered

  • Cultivate your emotions


    For people over 50: make peace with yourself and open up for a new future

  • Mental preparation for athletes

  • Racism and discrimination: develop and reinforce your self-determination



If my bodywork approach speaks to you,
If you’re a group,
If you see a link between your idea and my work:


Contact me!

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